Our concept

High level

To play music at a high level is the dream of every guitarist. With the compositions of the best artists, our learning material and our app, you are on the right track. Of course, you still need to practice. But because our experienced virtual teacher shows you the professional method as well as the correct and authentic technique, you are sure to experience success over the long term.

Modern learning materials

Sheet music stands are of course not obsolete and continue to be needed in many places. However, the exercise material we have provided for you is of a digital nature, so you can always carry it with you wherever you are if you have your smartphone or tablet with you.

The best artists

We are delighted to have recruited the best artists for you. Their names speak for themselves. Each of them is unique and has enriched the music world with their creativity. Let yourself be inspired and enriched by exploring their works.

Enjoyment when playing music

Music does not stand for itself but can be the highest expression of human culture and joy of living. The pleasure taken in learning, practising and making music is what should matter to you.

Innovative ideas

E-learning has been popular for a long time. This led us, as a music publisher, to consider an alternative publication of sheet music. We developed an app for you that is designed to provide not only sheet music but also learning material and inspiration. In response to this challenge, our “sheet music video scroller” was developed, and we had it patented.


With the PicadoPlayer app, you always have your guitar teacher with you and can ask for help at any time. You place your finger on the musical notation and he plays for you starting from this point. You swipe the sheet music page back and your teacher repeats the passage at a slow tempo. You also decide the position from which you observe him, whether directly from the front or from his viewpoint as a player, for example, whether only the left hand, only the right hand or both hands at the same time. Curious? Then click here and download the player to your smartphone or tablet.